Graduation and baccalaureate speakers announced

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Graduation and baccalaureate speakers announced

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After lots of speculation, principal Mrs. Forgette has confirmed that Ms. Joanna Batt will be the Class of 2019’s graduation speaker, and Ms. Margaret O’Brien will be the baccalaureate speaker.

The returning Ms. Batt has shared this comment with the Class of 2019 in advance:

I am so deeply honored to be speaking to you all, my former class, at your graduation. After all the times we have grown and learned and been challenged inside 114 and out, to be wishing you so well on your next extraordinary adventure, after all you have achieved, is beyond a privilege. In fact, it is a downright gift and one of the greatest I have ever received. I could not be prouder, nor love each of you more. To say that to you all in person on your graduation day will be a beautiful thing. The only thing that might make such a phenomenal moment even better is if Henry Clay were in attendance.”

— Joanna Batt

When students were sent a poll to vote for any faculty member to speak at baccalaureate, several students approached Mrs. Forgette about inviting Ms. Batt.
An adored U.S. history teacher, Ms. Batt left Nardin and returned to school last year.

Of course, Mrs. Forgette decided to take the idea one step farther and secured Ms. Batt as the main speaker at graduation.

Meanwhile, Ms. O’Brien received the most votes in the poll, making her the baccalaureate speaker.

This year, the baccalaureate celebration is shifting toward a more significant, yet more concise, evening ceremony, while other, smaller awards are to be distributed at school prior to the formal event.

As Ms. Batt’s last history students at Nardin, this year’s seniors have hoped for her return.

“I was excited to hear that Ms. Batt was coming back and think it’s a perfect way to end our senior year,” Maddy Smith (’19) says.

Agreeing with Maddy’s comments, Maria Coughlin (’19) says, “Although I never had her as a teacher, she always radiated positivity and a warm smile towards me. I’m so happy to have her as my speaker lady.”

The Class of 2019 graduates on Monday, May 20, and baccalaureate is the Friday prior, May 17.

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