A sweet scandal continues: Sources step forward

In the follow-up that all Nardin girls have awaited, Elizabeth Becker ('19) exposes more accomplices in the infamous pie-eating scandal.

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A sweet scandal continues: Sources step forward

With further investigation, Mr. Ladowski's integrity has been called into question.

With further investigation, Mr. Ladowski's integrity has been called into question.

Alexander Ladowski

With further investigation, Mr. Ladowski's integrity has been called into question.

Alexander Ladowski

Alexander Ladowski

With further investigation, Mr. Ladowski's integrity has been called into question.

E. Becker '19, Writer

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To all the Nardin Students and Kaleidoscope fans who have been avidly keeping up on this Pi Day scandal:

A new angle has been brought to light in this controversy that has rattled the whole school. In a one-on-one secret interview with the crowned winner, physics goddess Katie Swanson, some new truths have been exposed.

To start, we asked Swanson about her own experience as a pie-eating contest champion. Her first pie-eating contest was on March 14, 2018, where she graciously lost to champion Doctor Lucyanne Gordon, distinguished music expert.

This year with Gordon out of the picture, Swanson knew she had a chance. When asked to speak about the events that transpired on March 14, 2019, this year’s scandalous Pi Day event, Swanson noted, “It’s not my fault I was crowned winner. I was just eating pudding and told I won,” which brings us to the question, who is truly at fault?

I just don’t get why you’re exposing me. It had nothing to do with me.”

— Katie Swanson, when asked to comment on her reaction to the first article


Now, let’s talk about the clipboard angle. Swanson previously mentioned in her interview that she let Alex Ladowski, a man who got his first grey hair in third grade and the pie-eating contest’s true winner, “borrow” her clipboard for his homeroom selfie. He did not return it until it was brought up by me, your friendly investigator who believes in the truth. He chose to keep this clipboard even though he did not need it anymore. Is this because of his underlying resentment of Swanson, because she stole the win from him? What does this have to do with the Pi Day scandal? Maybe nothing? Maybe everything.

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But, back to the day in question. As we know Ladowski was the uncrowned winner based on the video evidence we saw in the last installment of this scandal. However, is it truly Swanson’s fault he went unnoticed?

I now would like to bring your attention back to the video that exposes the truth. In the background, there are several judges who witnessed the events transpire, yet deemed Swanson the winner. Was this rigged ahead of time? And, if yes, which teachers are behind it? It is evident through the video, that two teachers pointed to Swanson as a winner while one teacher pointed to Ladowski; however, seeing the overwhelming support for Swanson, the teacher inevitably gave her support to Swanson, as well.

I just think the video evidence speaks for itself.”

— Alex Ladowski, when asked to give a statement regarding the scandal

Furthermore, Swanson even went as far to insinuate in our interview that the final contest, between her and Gabbie Sawicki, senior and avid pie eater, that Gabbie was, in fact, the true winner and the contest was, once again, rigged.

When asked to comment on this, Swanson declared, “Gabbie won but one of the judges said the plate was not clear. ”But, how much of what Swanson says can we really trust?

Elizabeth Becker
The source who has exposed Katie Swanson’s true character, who requests that his, or her, identity remains anonymous, for fear of his life.

A teacher who asked to remain anonymous who previously worked with Swanson at Niagara Catholic and now works as an AP Government and Politics teacher at Nardin commented, “There’s all kinds of issues I have with Swanson as a person.”

To further speak to Katie Swanson’s character, the source I reached out to pleaded to remain anonymous as he or she was afraid of retribution for said comments. This first-year teacher whose desk is in room 108, who can be reached at the email [email protected], stated, “I just don’t know what she’ll do to me. She knows where I live. She’s met my dogs, there’s too much at stake.”

Well, students of Nardin, this is all the information we know at this point, but I personally promise all of you that I will get to the bottom of this as I feel as if I owe it to all of you, Swanson, Ladowski, and William Jones – the man who invented pi – to expose the truth.

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