Science Daze!

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Science Daze!

Kasia Krzyzanska

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On Monday, March 19, Nardin students participated in STEAM club’s Science Daze! This biannual event consisted of 14 different competitions ranging from building catapults to exploring virtual reality. Students from every grade decided which event to participate in with hopes of obtaining a science extra credit voucher for themselves and the elusive pizza party/breakfast for their homeroom.


Below for your perusal are each of the fourteen events. Mr. Michal’s homeroom 106 came in first place overall, with Ms. Batt’s homeroom 114 following in second and Mrs. Donahue’s homeroom 208 in third.


Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to all students and teachers who helped to bring about this fun day!


Write it, Do it

Every homeroom sent a pair of students to work as a team. This pair would then be split and each student would be sent into a different room where they would first have to describe an different object made of LEGOs. Afterwards, they would be given their partner’s description in order to rebuild the other object.

Winners: Gabby and Adina from homeroom 113



Having been given an example catapult and various supplies such as rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and hot glue, students in groups of two to four strove to create a medieval weapon that would launch a marshmallow (the ultimate ammo) the farthest.

Winners: Hannah, Grace and Ainsley from homeroom B-1


Science-Fiction Story Writing

Acknowledging the role science fiction has played in our view of science and predicting the future, those who signed up for the this event had virtually the whole time to write a story either from a provided prompt or from their own creative process.

Winner: Bailey from homeroom 211



The gliders designed in this event don’t resemble your typical planes. They were made out of a straw with two paper hoops, a smaller one and a bigger one, attached to either end. Despite the simplicity of this design, these aircrafts flew remarkably well. At any rate, they flew much better than any paper I’ve managed to make, not that that says much.

Winners: Peyton and Melanie from homeroom 104


Virtual Reality

In this scavenger-hunt type game, students solved math and science riddles in virtual reality in order to try to find Nikola Tesla’s lost notebook. Intriguing!

Winners:  Grace U. and Katie S. from homeroom 210


Egg Drop

Ninth and tenth graders had the chance to create a parachute that would keep an egg from breaking.

Winners: Arine, Carmel, Natalie and Sydney from the Library homeroom


Battle of the Bands

Students were given various supplies and were given the task of building their own musical instrument! After building devices ranging from pan pipes made of straw to mini maracas, they then presented their creations a panel of judges.

Winners: Lily and Maeve from homeroom 202


Balloon Rocket Race

Newton’s third law was the star of this event. Teams blew up their balloons and attached it to a straw on a string spanning the room, and then let the balloon launch, pushing itself forward by its airstream. The team that won not only had to do this quickly, but had to ensure that their balloon went as far as possible.

Winners: Lindsay K. and Lauren D. from homeroom 106


Scavenger Hunt

Students who have taken chemistry had the opportunity to take part in this scavenger hunt, where after a Jeopardy-like round of questions concerning all aspects of science and women scientists, they were given ten questions subtly revealing the locations of hidden poker chips. The winner of the Jeopardy round was given an advantage, and the poker chips discovered determined their points in the second half of the event.

Winners: Anne B. and Clare C. from HR 207


Paper Structure

Using nothing but index cards, tapes, and their own ingenuity, competitors tried to create structures that would hold the most amount of textbooks. The winning design used only six index cards and yet held up forty textbooks. Pretty impressive!

Winner:  Juliane H from homeroom G-1



Using various recycled materials, students created a free-standing structures that fit certain building codes pertaining to size and stability. Other factors that contributed to their scores included creativity and the background used  as a basis for their creation. This event also helped raise awareness about the lack of representation of women in architecture; only 24% of those licensed indeed are women.

Winners: *gasp* There was A TIE! Both Cathleen & Morgan from homeroom 115 and Grace from homeroom 114 won.


Clay Boats

Here each team received a tub of play dough and a tin of water, with a challenge to mold a boat that could hold the greatest amount of marbles without sinking. The winning vessel held forty marbles!

Winners: Arian, Helen and Ateo from homerooms 114 and 115


Guess That Song!

The homerooms competed against each other in this event in the style of a March Madness bracket, with someone getting eliminated every round. The two particular homerooms facing off would have to correctly guess a song and then answer a science question. Guessing the right song would earn you one point, whereas the right answer to the science question would earn you two points, meaning that a team that missed the music question but got the science question could still potentially win the round.

Winners: Colonie and Angelica from homeroom 116


Straw Tower

With the use of nothing but drinking straws and tape, students competed to build the highest tower.

Winners: Emma C., Jessica M., Maddie E. and Kristin W. from homeroom 115

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