Nardin Through the Decades – 1990’s!

S. Crawford '20

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As the past few articles have shown, Nardin changed significantly over just a few decades. The 90’s brought more change for Nardin and brought it closer to the school it is today.

Mrs. Miles-Kania, the vice president of enrollment management and admissions, graduated from Nardin in 1992 and provided some insight for this article, discussing the Nardin she knew as a student and the Nardin she knows as a staff member today.

According to Mrs. Miles-Kania, the fashion from the 90’s was much different than the fashion Nardin girls know today. In the 90’s, every student dressed well, and no one wore the sweat skirts seen at Nardin today. Everyone made sure to cover their shoulders and wear some sort of loafer or shoe, as well.

Unlike the dress code, the schedules from the 90’s were very similar from the schedules Nardin students know today. There were 9 periods in a day, and sometimes students experienced shorter classes due to assemblies, masses, or other special activities.

Another noticeable similarity from the 90’s is the teachers at Nardin. Mrs. Skoog, the freshman honors English teacher today, taught Mrs. Miles-Kania when she was a freshman.

Another teacher that Mrs. Miles-Kania remembers well is Mrs. Sharrow. Now retired, Mrs. Sharrow taught junior English. Her classes were tough, but she was brilliant. “Mrs. Sharrow’s and Mrs. Skoog’s classes are the 2 most important English classes I ever took,” Mrs. Miles-Kania said.

She went on to note that her geology professor in college pointed her out for being a great writer. “You need to tell Nardin that they did a great job developing your writing,” the professor told Mrs. Miles-Kania.

Just like today, all the teachers at Nardin helped students from the 90’s learn and grow to be the best women possible. “I had great teachers all around,” Mrs. Miles-Kania said. That is a statement Nardin students can relate to now in 2018.

Another similarity between Nardin life in the 90’s and 2018 is the effect current events have on Nardin students. While Mrs. Miles-Kania attended Nardin, the fall of the Soviet Union dominated conversations, as did the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Although these topics came up often in class, they also followed students into the hallways. Sometimes the conversations were very matter-of-fact, but other times discussing current issues became emotional. Students today can relate to these emotional feelings well, as seen through the walkout in March and the discussion that caused.  

But current events did not completely dominate student discussions at Nardin. Things like the end of year comedy skit were talked about often. This comedy skit, something Nardin no longers does, consisted of juniors satirically mimicking seniors in a skit and seniors doing the same for teachers.

This fun tradition caused so much laughing and is one thing Mrs. Miles-Kania remembers the most about her time at Nardin.

Other things Mrs. Miles-Kania loved about Nardin include model UN, mock trial, and stage crew for the school play. These are all clubs that still exist today at Nardin, showing that although many changes have occured since the 90’s, many of the fundamentally great things about Nardin have stayed the same.

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