Nardin Through the Decades

S. Crawford '20

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Today, Nardin Academy is known for many things: great academics, an amazing music and arts program, and more clubs and sports than you can count. But Nardin wasn’t always this way, it has taken many decades to build Nardin to what it is today.

To ring in the new year, Kaleidoscope will be publishing a “Nardin Through the Decades” series to highlight the continuities and changes of Nardin Academy over more than 50 years.

Today, we will be starting with the 1960’s, discovering the dress code, schedules, and world events occuring at the time, among other things.

Mrs. Abels, the principal at Nardin Elementary, attended Nardin High School in the 60’s and opened up about her time here.

She talked about how the dress code during the 60’s was much different than the dress code students have today. During the 60’s, girls had to wear skirts that reach their knees with slips underneath.

“I remember people saying they had to kneel on the floor and if their skirt touched the ground it was long enough,” Mrs. Abels said.

Students never had dress down days, either.

As for day to day life at Nardin, the class schedules were the same as they are today. The Daughters of the Heart of Mary taught students, and there was no time dedicated to clubs during the school day, but other than that, classes were the same as they are today.

Although there was no dedicated time for clubs during the school day, there were some clubs held before and after school. Mrs. Abels took part in yearbook, where she was coeditor. She and other students also went to the Our Lady of Loretto School on the West Side to tutor young students.

Perhaps the biggest difference that has occured at Nardin since the 60’s is the new use of technology that has been added to the day to day life of Nardin students today. In the 60’s collaborative learning was not a common experience, but technology has changed that for Nardin students.

But of course, there was a lot going on in the 60’s outside of Nardin.

In 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated while on a visit to Texas. “That’s the type of thing you always remember where you were when it happened,” Mrs. Abels said of the assassination. “It drew people together because people talked about it together,” Mrs. Abels continued, “It was amazing.”

The way everyone came together during this time is one of the things Mrs. Abels loved about Nardin. “I made great friends, lots of great friends,” Mrs. Abels said. She even mentioned that she is still in touch with some of these friends today.

Although there have been a lot of changes to the Nardin community since the 1960’s, the friendships and wonderful memories that every student makes is one thing that has stayed the same.

Nardin in the 60’s was so much different than it is today, but some things, like the amazing people at Nardin, have stayed the same.

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