What Comes NeXt for Nardin Writers

Edited by Barbara Branning, NeXt is a section of The Buffalo News completely composed of articles written by local high school students, and several Nardin students are involved in the unique program.

M. Ende '19

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Toward the end of the last school year, Mrs. Mathias sent out an email inviting students to apply for the NeXt program at The Buffalo News, and several girls, including myself, applied, and luckily, a lot of us were accepted.

Sarah Crawford (‘20), however, began to contribute to NeXt over a year ago, at the beginning of her freshman year. She has since been published in the newspaper eight times.

NeXt has provided Sarah with many rare opportunities, including chances to interview public figures like writer Roxane Gay and cybersecurity specialist Theresa Payton.

“I can write more economically now,” Sarah says of the benefits of the experience. “And it makes writing for school easier too.”

Thus, it’s obvious that the program provides major experience to anyone interested in a career in journalism, and it’s an unrivaled opportunity as there are few similar student-curated sections of newspapers in the country. The chance to relevantly interview influential adults locally and have the freedom to either inform others of the truth in a bipartisan piece or publicize your own views in a review or commentary is truly unparalleled.

As a writer for NeXt myself, seeing my first article published in The Buffalo News was simply surreal. Unaware of the publication date, I received a message from a family friend congratulating me on my restaurant review. While I was at school that day, my parents hurried to pick up a copy, and I finally got to see something I wrote, in print, in a widely circulated newspaper.

Since then, in the past few weeks I’ve written two more movie reviews and have found myself learning more and more things week by week. For me, it is a very rewarding program, and I am so happy I took a chance and applied.

Although anyone interested in NeXt will have to wait until next year to join, several Nardin students’ articles are already online, ready to be perused by their supportive classmates, with which those interested in applying can entertain themselves in the meantime before the next enrollment.

“It’s a time commitment, though, so be prepared,” Sarah says. “But it is so worth it!”

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What Comes NeXt for Nardin Writers