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Isabella Redding ‘20 and Lily McCormack ‘20 – JV Squash

Squash is a racket sport played by either two or four players. It is played in a four wall court with a small, rubber ball. The new athletic center includes four beautiful new squash courts, which gave Nardin and the students a chance to expand the squash program. Before this year, Nardin only offered squash as a varsity sport, but we now boast two teams. Nardins JV squash team consists of ten talented players and their coach, Pamicka Marinello. The athletes are ranked on a ladder based on their playing ability, then play the corresponding number player on an opposing team. The team has played many hard matches this season, including two matches against the St. Joe’s team, all while being one of the only all-girls JV squash teams in Buffalo and showing that they can do things just as good, and most of the time better, than the boys.


Markella Phillips-Hockey

The Monsignor Martin girls hockey team ended their regular season with 12 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties, finishing 3rd in the league. They will take on playoffs on Tuesday, February 14th, against West Seneca/Hamburg. If they advance on, semi finals will follow on Thursday, February 16th and championships on February 26th. The team has fought hard during their season, which really showed when they played Williamsville, the 1st place team, and tied twice to them, with both their games ending in an overtime with a score of 1-1. They also battled hard when they played OP/Frontier. After losing twice to the second place team, OP/Frontier, the Monsignor Martin girls worked hard to accomplish getting the win. Their coach, Linda Groff, coached the team to their best ability which led the team to never backing down. The girls have showed a huge improvement in their season and will strive to win the league championships, keeping their title from last year. The team is made up of girls from several private schools, which includes Nardin. Markella Phillips, Izzy Friedman, and Moe Michalski are members of the team, and they have worked hard to help the team succeed.


Gabby Ahrens ’17- Squash

For the 2016-2017 winter squash season, the Nardin squash team welcomed back many returning players as well as many beginners. The varsity team, composed of 10 girls,we took on both Sem and Nichols. We lost to Nichols two times, but tied with Sem one to one. In the beginning of the season, we traveled to Mercersberg Academy in Pennsylvania for a tournament. We came fourth out of six teams and used this as a great bonding experience. Throughout the season, we enjoyed being able to use the brand new facility. It was great to have our own place to go hit when there was no practice, but also be able to hold hard practices (even getting to see both Canisius and Joes boys from time to time). As our season winds down, we are preparing to travel to Hartford, Connecticut for the High School Team Nationals, something we all look forward to every season. Here, we will compete alongside so many other great teams spread out in five divisions. Go Gators!


JV Basketball: Jenna Locke

Basketball is a game played by two teams, of five players each, on a rectangular court.  The purpose of each team is to throw a basketball into a basket located at one end of the playing floor, and to defend the other team, who is trying to score at the other basket. I play as a forward and the sometimes as a guard for the JV basketball team. As a forward, I play under the basket or on the baseline trying to get rebounds. I also try to get the ball passed to me, so I can score a layup. As a guard, I am responsible for dribbling the ball up the court and scoring from further out. We have many star players on our team, such as Abby Graber, Emma Jauch, Emma Dillon, Maddy Higgins and Lola LaMartina. Our coach is Marissa Pullo and our assistant coach is Nick Pullo. We are now 6-1 in the Monsignor Martin league with only one game left this season.


Freshman Basketball-Devin Ryan (‘20)

The freshman basketball team was a great time and we had an excellent season. I am Devin Ryan and I played guard. The captains on our team were Bridgetta Ulrich, Sally Berry, and myself, coached by Franc Maccarone. Our record throughout our small season was 3-3. Our team was very good at making quick plays to fake out the other team. Our main post position was Bridgetta Ulrich, and our main point guard was Grace McHale. The rest of the starting line up usually was, Shannon Graham, Kate Batin, and myself.  Anna Gioia was another one of our point guards. The other four post guards were Kerry Bushway, Skye Khan, Kristen Davis, and Rachel Regan, while Kate Batin, Alexandra Saccone, Sally Berry, Meera Herle, and Shannon Graham were either forwards or guards. Overall, our freshman basketball season was a success.


Varsity Basketball: Judy Spira

The Nardin Varsity Basketball team, coached by Kendra Brim and Mike Hicks, finished the 2016/2017 season with a league record of 3-6 and an overall record, including all non-league games, 8-11. We will have playoffs Sunday, February 26th against Park school and if that game is won, will move to the finals. Our goal is to get to states and if we win the final game, we will head to Brooklyn, New York for Friday, March 10th. I think our best game we played was vs. Park School January 13th. We came out with a win 64-40. The score was close at half time, but with a good pep talk from Coach Mike and Coach Kendra, we were ready to go out and give it our all. We quickly pulled ahead and performed great on both defense and offense. We had great communication across the whole court and everyone made a contribution to the win.

Throughout this whole season, the seniors have all shown great leadership in helping all of us develop into better basketball players, whether it be by advice or by example. Abby Adams and Alex Hartnett are our best shooters. Abby is a great ball handler and will drive to the basket with passion and will always make it in or draw the foul. Alex Hartnett is the best three point shooter on the team and is strong on both defense and offense. Sydney Scello is the fastest player on the court and we can always count on her to speed past the defense. Alex Herman has been a great person to go to when you need help and advice, for basketball or anything. She is a great booster of confidence and passion in a game and makes everyone strive to give it their all. She is also a post player who you can depend on in the game to rack up some points when they are most needed. Emma Pyrak has been our new silent scorer. She has greatly improved her shooting for this season,and in every game, the point guards know that in a play they can kick it out to Emma, who is open in the corner and she’ll sink the basket. Remy Raccuia is another one of our great ball handlers who plays well on offense and is also a great defensive player. I am so grateful that I had the privilege of playing with the most amazing team for two great years. I am truly going to miss each and every one of the seniors, but I’m so glad our team bonded so well and we enjoyed our time together.


Natalie Jankowski (‘20)- Bowling

Bowling this year has been an enjoyable and inspirational experience for all of us. Every practice and match was filled with supportive team bonding as well as further knowledge of the sport to help all members succeed at future bowling endeavors. Although we faced some gutterballs, we prevailed with spares along with the occasional and well celebrated strike! The JV team finished 5th of out 6th in the league and was entirely filled with first time bowlers. Everyone set and broke their personal records, an impressive feat for newcomers as we can only get better which is what we plan to do so for next year’s team!. Varsity finished 6th out of 8th defeating the number one team in the league in a game with a 593. Our coach, Miss. Hartmayer continued to encourage us all do to our best and never failed to pick up our spirits if we lost a match.  Overall, I plan to take the skills I acquired this year to next year’s Nardin Bowling Team along with the memories and friends I have made and so deeply cherish. I hope to come across many new opponents and new teammates with whom I can share my insight and laughter. GO GATORS!  

Natalie Jankowski 2020

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Winter Sports