How Nardin Girls Really Feel About Lunch

A day in the Nardin halls is incomplete without overheard bickering over what's for lunch that day and whether or not it's good. We finally settled the debate.

E. Becker '19, Writer

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(Note: This survey was just intended to be entertaining for us students, and we ultimately love all that the dining hall has to offer! Enjoy.)


Everyone has their favorite lunch. It is just a fact. That lunch that will literally make your whole day better just by eating it. It can literally be the WORST day ever, maybe you have a bunch of tests and quizzes all day and lots of homework, and somehow knowing that the Nardin Dining Hall is serving your favorite meal makes it all bearable. Not everyone has the same favorites. Some people’s least favorite lunches are others absolute favorite leaving us with the most anticipated question in all of Nardin Academy history: What is the most popular lunch of all time. To answer this much debated question, I decided to send out a Google Form getting all your opinions, so without further ado, here are Nardin’s best, and worst, school lunches.




5: Cheese Quesadilla

Personally, I do not mind this lunch, but I have heard many people complain about it in the past. Grace Van Vessem, a Nardin senior, when asked about Cheese Quesadilla commented, ¨I literally hate Cheese Quesadilla. The only good part is the Spanish rice.¨ Clearly many people do not like this as it was voted 5th worst lunch, sorry cheese quesadilla!


4: Teriyaki Chicken

Number four on the list was Teriyaki Chicken which makes sense as I have heard many people complain about it in the past. Looks like people think this teriyaki is teriYUCKY.


3: Italian Sausage Stew

147 people voted Italian Sausage Stew as their least favorite which is considerably higher than the number who disliked teriyaki. However some people judge this dish without trying it first, and if that’s the case I encourage you to try it. If you miss the day they are serving it in the cafeteria that’s totally fine because you can catch it as the soup of the day for the whole next week.


2: Fish Fry

The 2nd most disliked dish at Nardin is the Fish Fry. I have heard so many people complain about this dish I was surprised it was not the most disliked. However, not everyone feels this way. Lanie Belle Masset, a senior at Nardin and frequently fish fry eater commented, ¨Smh I love fish fry¨ when she heard the news that it was voted one of the most disliked dishes.


1: Turkey Sloppy Joes

With 161 votes, Turkey Sloppy Joes was voted the least favorite lunch of all time at Nardin. I have not seen Nardin girls band together faster than when they are dissing Turkey Sloppy Joes. Better together? More like better together without Turkey Sloppy Joes. All in? More like all in for our dislike of Turkey Sloppy Joes. A student who asked to remain anonymous commented, ¨I would rather eat cardboard than those Turkey Sloppy Joes.¨




5: Chicken Fingers

In the solid number 5 spot, chicken fingers are just in general a crowd pleaser. With mashed potatoes and carrots as the sides, you can not really go wrong because it’s all just delicious. Although some of the vegetarian community feel left out, others have even said that they appreciate the mashed potatoes and carrots as a meal by themselves.


4: Taco Day

Beating Chicken Fingers by just 1 vote, Taco Day is next in line. This is a classic that everyone can enjoy, and it is shown through the horrendously long lines that people wait in for their tacos each time they are on the menu. You can always tell it is taco day because each person gets so much food that everyone’s always talking about how full they are after. Also on taco day, we get pretzels, so that’s a win.


3: Cheese Ravioli

With 120 votes, cheese ravioli is the third favorite lunch at Nardin which makes sense because it is absolutely DELICIOUS. When asked about Cheese Ravioli, Grace Van Vessem responded, ¨It’s the best lunch at Nardin. The ravioli is delicious, the green beans are delectable, the garlic bread is delightful.¨ In my experience I have yet to meet anyone who hates this lunch.


2: Pasta Day

This is unsurprising because people literally sprint to the cafeteria on pasta day, they love it so much. This is one of those classic days when so many people buy that they inevitably run out of food and many people are left pasta-less.


1: Pizza Day

Unsurprisingly, with 163 votes, Pizza Day is the winner. With homemade pepperoni and cheese pizza and a delicious Caesar salad on the side, this is a lunch that is hard to dislike. In fact, only 5 people voted for pizza as one of their 5 least favorite lunches.


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As you can see the all time favorite lunches vary; however, the top ones are Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Cheese Ravioli, and Pasta Day. Thank you to all who participated in the poll! The most debated question at Nardin of all time has been answered: Pizza is the favorite meal at Nardin.

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