Old vintage typewriter, close-up.

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Old vintage typewriter, close-up.

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This November is National Writing Month, a time for writers to share their stories, edit their work, progress their style, and–above all–write. As a community, writers come together for extra support and critiques. Whether you’re participating in NaNoWriMo–if you’re going to attempt to write a novel in a month, I have the utmost respect for you and wish you luck–or just dabbling in some short stories or poetry, November is not only the perfect time to work on your craft, but also to have fun with it.

Writers write for a myriad of reasons ranging from schoolwork to poems to novels to texts. The hashtag #WhyIWrite celebrates a writer and the reason she writes. We collected responses from the Nardin Student Body to explore why writing is so important to Nardin students.


  • I write to communicate.
  • I write to express feelings.
  • I write to spread my opinions and knowledge.
  • I write to tell stories.
  • I write to explain myself.
  • I write to get other people thinking.
  • I write to keep people updated.
  • I write for fun!
  • I write because I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t.


By acknowledging National Writing Month, we acknowledge every one of you. All of you are writers, even if you don’t toil over an unfinished manuscript or have iambic pentameter swimming through your mind at all times. We write for school, we send messages to our friends, we caption our Instagram posts–and yes, some of us write novels. So take some time this month to celebrate every word you write!

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