What Do I Do?

L. Murray '15

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What do I Do?
Only once in a while I have nothing to do
I don’t have to add two plus two
Or read and analyze Much Ado
Or even go to West Side to row crew.
What do I do?
I haven’t a clue.

I can call up my pal
We’ll go shop at a sale
With a coupon I received in the mail
We may get a bite to eat
Like a brownie that is so sweet
For we both earned a well-deserved a treat

To a movie we will go
You know I cannot say no
To popcorn smothered in butter
Just the thought of it makes my belly flutter.

We will go to a Canisius football game, you know
In the cheering section screaming “Go Crusaders Go”

The sun has now set
We are exhausted, you can bet
From here we go home
There is nothing or nowhere left to roam

At home we now explore the lives
Of those crazy real housewives
And how the clues will together tie
In the mysterious cases of CSI

Although this night was exciting and fun
The exciting adventure is now done
The best way to end a great night
Is to lay down in my bed and sleep tight.

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