L. Balkin '15

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After a long, tough, strenuous day you come home feeling exhausted.
Like the whole world has taken its toll on you,
You feel miserable, tired, and weak.
But I do have a cure for these ailments, to wash the stress away.
You need to relax, think of yourself!
You need to de-stress and lounge.
In the middle of autumn, when the cold is creeping and Halloween is coming,
Take a minute to look at the trees as they shed their leaves.
Glorious shades of red and gold fall to the earth.
When you come home, cuddle up with your dogs for some warmth.
When the chill starts to hang in the air on those mid-autumn nights,
One of my favorite delights is drinking warm apple cider while watching a movie,
A Halloween movie preferably that will remind me of the wonders of this time of year.
This certainly cures my stress in the fall,
But how can I relax after cold, dreary winter days?
I find thoughts of Christmas are the best cure to stress at this time of year.
When you come home from school feeling numb and hopeless,
My favorite way to relax is too wrap up in blankets and watch Christmas movies
With a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.
In fact, I love to decorate my room with dazzling lights to remind myself of the season.
Baking sugary Christmas cookies is one of the highlights at this time of year too.
Cut outs of Santa and reindeer make the winter fun and delicious.
On these frigid weekends my favorite way of all to relax and have fun is to ski and board.
Laughing with friends and gliding through powder, there is no better feeling.
When the wintry days are done and spring is around the bend,
I find the best way to relax is to remind myself that summer is coming.
Reminding myself that school is almost done, I work hard to finish the year strong.
But when the schoolwork makes me stressed I find shopping to be the best relief.
Both online and in store, looking for summer clothes calms my nerves
As I excite myself for the next season to come.
Since summer, my favorite season of them all, is free of school
It is peaceful time that is free of stress.
It is time to hang out and have fun, to forget your worries and stresses of the school year.
Swimming, tanning, and tubing during this hot season
Allow me to relax, have fun, and unravel from my previous stresses.
When one is having a tense, traumatic day I hope that they take my advice.
I hope they apply my cures to treat their ailments and enjoy the fun in life.
Enjoy every season for what it is and do not become overwhelmed.
For although it is important to work hard in life, one must take a breath every once and a while in order to live life to the fullest.


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