Of Vacations

L. Balkin '15

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Vacations are an excellent way to relax, to adventure, and to spend quality time. Relaxing, a great way to release the lucubration of laborious study, adventuring, a cause to explore and learn new things, and spending quality time, a way to better get to know family and friends, are all important aspects of vacations. These retreats lead to new and interesting places: the Alps, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, the California beaches, and much more. The gamut of new sights that vacation allows people to see is vast in scope. The gamut of new tastes that vacation allows people to try tingles their taste buds. The gamut of new people that vacation allows people to meet opens their eyes to the world. For one that vacations far and wide is a calmer, experienced person. Letting people forget their banal lives, vacation breaks life up into bite-sized chunks that can be thoroughly enjoyed.

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