When is winter coming?

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After the green Christmas, some residents of the Buffalo area are exuberant over the fact that we have almost no snow. On the other hand ski resorts to the south have been begging for snow since the beginning of December. Local ski resorts like Holiday Valley have been blowing snow, trying to keep up with ski resorts around the nation. Holiday Valley’s new snow making system which is connected to the computer to allow the snow guns to go off simultaneously. This allows Holiday Valley to produce a better quality of man-made snow, less snow making during their hours of operation, and increase the energy efficiency. This allows the resort to take advantage of the bursts of cold weather to make as much snow as they can to keep up with their demanding market. Holiday Valley is the leading ski resort in Western New York which brings skiers and snowboarders from locations as far as Canada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Colorado, even California.

Holiday Valley does not only have skiing and snowboarding, the all new mountain coaster just reopened for the winter season. This is a roller coaster going up the side of a Spruce Hill, where you can control the speed on the ride down. There is also Holiday Valley Tubing Park only three miles from Holiday Valley Resort. The Holiday Valley Tamarack Club offers a spa get away for anyone who needs a break from the cold slopes.

So instead of sitting around all winter, get up and go to Holiday Valley where there is something fun for the whole family.

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